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Frugal or Just Plain Cheap?

Hey ya’ll! How has your day been? I have spent the entire day cutting my coupons and organizing them. Oh yes! I didn’t tell you? I am that frugal, crazy coupon lady with the big book of coupons, holding up the line for fifty cents. I am all about saving them coins. My last grocery bill, I knocked off from $187 at Winn Dixie, down to $43 after coupons. I know right! How did I do that? Glad you asked.


Let me tell you, the way the economy is at the present time, a person needs to save all the money they can. Have you ever wanted to learn how to coupon, or even tried it on your own and just could not grasp the concept? Well, I am here to tell you, that I can teach you. That’s right, no matter where you are, near or far, you can learn how to use coupons, and be good at it!

Don’t tell me you have no interest in saving money? Everyone wants to save money. Unless you are just so rich it doesn’t matter! Couponing does take time and organization. What exactly is Couponing? As described by The Coupon Wizards, ” couponing is a strategic method used by a shopper to get their normal monthly groceries and toiletries for less money.” Now we are not speaking of your mother going into the store with one or two coupons cut from the Sunday paper like back in the day.  Coupons do still come in the newspaper, but it is deeper than that. If you want it to be, couponing can be a lifestyle, everything savings all around. Or it can be for just certain areas of your spending, like groceries. If done correctly, a person can save a whole lot of money in the household.


I can teach you all of that. The key is to set certain days of the week, even just a couple of hours, to cut and sort. The hardest part is finding sales. However, the Web has made it so easy with all the apps and websites, most of the work is already done for us.

Interested? Awesome sauce! Have you ever heard of Periscope? It is a live streaming app,  owned by Twitter, once downloaded to your I-phone or Android, allows me to live stream a class, with anyone I choose to invite, for a private attendance. Now of course, there is an option to just stream public, but what fun would that be to constantly be interrupted by trolls, disturbing class?  The wonderful thing about this class is that it is interactive. You can ask questions live, and I can answer them, live.

Still interested? So, here is how to get in on the next session. First, if you have not done so already, download Periscope, and register and sign in with your Twitter account. (If you do not have a Twitter, you will need to create an account there as well). Periscope is owned and operated by Twitter. You may follow me on Twitter (@snowwilson2) and search my Tweets for any Periscope tweet, and click on it. That will take you directly to find me on Periscope.  Once in, take a look around, watch different live streams to get the feel of it. Be careful not to watch too late at night. You know who comes out after dark.

Second, if you still can not find me, hit the search icon at the bottom right, and type in “Snowwilson2”. You may follow me on both Twitter and Periscope if you like. When I create any scopes, you will get an instant invite. I will go public first to give a reminder of the class. Don’t worry though. If you miss the scopes or class, they are still available for twenty-four hours after. And I will save the video, so I can email the video to you if need be. Of course, replays do not allow live chatting. You will be able to see the other viewers questions however.

The next question I am sure you have, is how much? Great question! The private class is $10 per person, which includes a 2 hour class, plus an email of the beginner’s guide to couponing. If you would like, for an extra $10, I can mail you a starter kit, with a coupon binder, set up and ready to go, with all the info you will need to get started.

extreme-couponingI feel you will truly enjoy couponing as a new lifestyle to save money! But be careful, it is addicting! Once you see your grocery tab drop from $150 to $34 right at the register, there is no turning back! I hope to hear from you soon. Now, let’s get to saving! Be blessed, stay southern.

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Hey ya’ll! Welcome to the south! My name is Sno Wilson. Currently living in Birmingham Alabama, I am a born and bred Christian country girl from Eldorado Illinois. So if you want southern, I’m ya girl. Please share my blog with your friends and family! Until then be blessed and stay Southern!