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Listening to Silence of Darkness

There is always something about the waves of the ocean that has a calm, a peace about them. I love hearing the crash, the sound as they break on the sand. But have you ever gone at night, and just sat under a full moon? Don’t say anything, just listen.

Hello Sno Flakes! Come on in, grab a cup of tea and let’s chat! I realize it has been a long time since I have written. Four years, to be exact. I apologize. There has been a lot of changes in my life, and I know you want to hear about them. But first I want to talk about peace.

As I sat here tonight, in the dark on a blanket, on Pompano beach just outside my Hotel the Residence Inn, I felt a peace come over me. No one there but me, and family, I thought back over the last 6 months of my year 2020, with everything that happened.

My husband of 17 years, passed away on January 12th. Right after the New Year. My whole world changed. If you follow my posts, you know we loved each other up until the day he passed. I still do. I was now alone and didn’t know if I could get through this. Of course, I had his children, our friends. But you must understand when you’re in love with someone that long, you become best friends. You do everything together. Everything. Then one day in a split second, they are gone.

Then came along covid, so now I had to be alone in my home, just me and Button, to grieve and quarantine. (Thank God for good friends.) I eventually had to sell the house we bought together. I couldn’t ride his motorcycle, so I sold it to his best friend. We bought that Harley together and rode it all over the country for over 15 years. That was difficult. Then his truck, little by little his things were getting sold off.

Button says don’t leave her

Now I am at a point, where God is telling me to relocate near my family. My mother needs me, but even more, I need them. But, I felt sad about leaving the only home I’ve known for a long time. Is this the right move? Second-guessing myself.

So as I sit here in the dark, listening to the waves in the moonlight, I can hear my brother Dale, (mentioned in another post) and his son a little down the beach, making a sandcastle. Two grown men enjoying the simplest piece of life. I had to smile. I reflected on my life, and the changes I have just endured. I realized at that moment, just how strong I am.

I realized I can do this. With God, anything is possible. I never heard God more clearly than I did tonight. “Go. Move to Kentucky, and be near family. Be still. I have plans for you, only I can see.”

If there is anyone in your life, that is remotely your heart, let them know it! Don’t waste one second in negativity, in arguing over things that don’t matter. Tell each other, SHOW each other at every chance, just how much they would be missed if they left you. I never got the chance to say goodbye. But I know Freddie is with me every day.

Take the time to listen. Listen when someone is speaking to you. Most importantly, listen when God is speaking. Yes, we pray for guidance, for things, for others, but we must also listen. Be quiet for a moment and listen to the darkness.

Until next time. I’ll have your tea waiting.

Photos taken by me, Snow @ Pompano Beach, Florida.
Staying at the Residence Inn by Marriott, Pompano Beach.

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