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Is your time productive?


Hello again! Come on in! I apologize for the delay in posts. I have been so busy down here in Alabama. I have so much on my plate I should be big as a house! You know? The doing 12 things at one time, and feel like you “never finish anything” kind of day? Today was just that for me. Well, the last couple of days actually.

I try with all my might to stick to a calendar, a schedule to complete the many tasks I constantly have going on at the same time. If I didn’t have a schedule, I don’t believe I would ever finish anything! There are times when I might have 6 projects going on at one time. Why so many you ask? Good question!


Well, to answer your question, I get bored easy. I am the type that has to constantly stay active. If I focus on one thing too long, I tend to lose focus. Then I’ll put it aside, start something else, and forget all about it until 2 months later. So I keep a log of my projects. Making sure my time is productive is key for me. It may not work for everyone.

You may be the type who must finish a project before starting another. That is fine too, and sometimes, depending on the difficulty, I do finish. But more often than not, a given project takes me a few months to finish unless it is an ongoing. That is where my scheduling comes in handy. To remind me of deadlines, urgent dates, and so on.

At the present time, I have 7 projects. Makes me tired just thinking about them. Of course, this ongoing Blog is my main project. And then, I am a secretary at my Church. I design and create all of our publications. Recently, yesterday, I completed the task of creating our Church website. Check that off the list. My husband started a Motorcycle Ministry, in which I was elected a Business manager. So, I must focus on fundraising, and contacting the local Children’s Juvenile Hall to get us a date to minister to our youth of Birmingham. I also am an extreme couponer, which means that every Monday, I pull coupon inserts from newspapers given me by my neighbors. Couponing is an every week task, of sorting and clipping, making grocery list for the week, and organizing sales.


So what I am trying to say is, don’t give up on a project if your time is not productive. Set it aside, clear your mind. Rethink it or start something else, and come back to it. Once you come back, you will have the stamina to complete it. Give t a try! Grab a notebook or a planner, and write your projects in. Set certain days for certain tasks. You will soon see just how productive your time can be, no matter how many things may be affecting your life! I’m headed to pour me up some sweet tea, and sit on the porch while I finish one of my numerous projects, website editing. Always fun. Be blessed, stay Southern!


Hey ya’ll! Welcome to the south! My name is Sno Wilson. Currently living in Birmingham Alabama, I am a born and bred Christian country girl from Eldorado Illinois. So if you want southern, I’m ya girl. Please share my blog with your friends and family! Until then be blessed and stay Southern!